Welcome to the Church in Nedre Eiker

A short introduction about Nedre Eiker church: Who we are, and some  of the activities in our congregation.

Who we are

Nedre Eiker parish is a part of the larger Church of Norway, found throughout the country.
The church of Norway has represented the main expression of religious belief in Norway for a thousand years. It has belonged to the Evangelical Lutheran branch of the Christian church since the 16th century, and has been a state church since then until 2012. Around 70 per cent of Norway’s population are currently baptized members.

Nedre Eiker parish serves as the local church for the communities Krokstadelva and Solbergelva, with the parish church placed close to the border between them. These communities have approximately 14 000 inhabitants, and about 8 600 are members of the church of Norway. 

Some of our activities

Anyone, regardless of membership, nationality, gender, or life situation, are welcome to our gatherings. If you have any questions, feel free to contact anyone with a ministry in our church, or on phone:
32 98 91 00

Service / Holy liturgy / "Gudstjeneste"

Every Sunday (usually at 11 AM), there is a service i Nedre Eiker parish church, or in "Solberg kapell Fredtun", the chapel situated in Solbergelva. 
These services are the beating heart of our congregation. Listening to the Word of God, praying for the world, singing hymns to God, and celebrating the Eucharist, we gather to celebrate the Ressurection of Jesus Christ.

Morning prayer / Lauds

Every Tuesday morning 8.30 AM, anyone is welcome to join the morning prayer in the Parish church. This is a simple Service, lasting about 20 minutes, where we pray from the Psalms, listen to the Word of God, and pray for the world. Once a month, this gathering is a simple morning Mass.

Open Church

Every Thursdag, 11 AM - 1 PM, The church is open to enter for prayer, silence, lighting of candles. There will be someone present if you need someone to talk to.

Women's gatherings, for refugees and immigrants.

One Tuesday each month, there is a gathering at 5.30 - 7.30 PM in Nedre Eiker Menighetssenter (The brown building close to the parish church - Stensethalleen 1). These evenings we'll get to know the cultures and religions of each other. We'll speak about subjects like: "New in Norway", "Raising children", "Freedom", "Equality", "Food traditions", "Feasts and solemnities in different religions and churches", and more.

You are free to bring your young children, if you don't have anyone to look after them.

Dates spring 2022: February 22, March 22, April 19, May 19. June 21.

Children's activities

There are several activities for children in different ages.

Babysang / Singing with babies

Babysang is for 0 - 1 year old children. There is lunch at 11.30 AM. We sing together from 12 Noon to 12.45 PM. Coffee and tea will be served.

Soul Children: Choir for ages 9-13

Rehearsals every second Wedensday 6 - 8 PM in Mjøndalen Church.

Nedre Eiker Tensing: Choir for ages 13-18

Rehearsals every Friday 6 - 9 PM in Mjøndalen Church.

Someone to talk to?

Anyone may at times face a situation, or have a problem where finding someone to talk with would help. All deacons and pastors in the church of Norway, including Nedre Eiker, are trained in counselling. Furthermore they are obliged to respect your confidentiality (they may not disclose to anyone the contents of their conversations with people who come to them to talk. 

Feel free to contact the deacon or one of the pastors in our congregation if you need someone to talk to. 

Deacon Gudrun Klingsheim: 32 98 91 28 / 909 27 330 (gk763@kirken.no)
Parish pastor Elling Erichsen: 32 98 91 26 / 400 28 126 (ee492@kirken.no)
Assisting pastor: Andreas A. Svalheim: 922 14 237 (aa553@kirken.no)

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Kontaktinformasjon for Nedre Eiker menighet

Nedre Eiker kirke ligger i Stensethalléen 1, 3055 Krokstadelva.

Post- og besøksadresse:
Stensethalléen 1, 3055 Krokstadelva

Konto: 2220.31.04980
Vipps: #79522 - NEDRE EIKER SOKN

Org.nr: 974 762 331


Epost: post.drammen@kirken.no

Telefonnummer: 32 98 91 00

Felleskontor for Den norske kirke i Drammen:
Albums gate 8
3016 Drammen
Telefon- og besøkstid:
man-fre kl. 09.00-15.00


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