Baptism in Church of Norway

Anyone can be baptised in the Church of Norway. Baptism is a great tradition. It marks a new start and puts life into perspective. Being baptised connects us with God. In baptism you become part of the large community of the church.

Det er dåp i kirken. En mor og en far holder sitt barn, ei jente på ett år, mens presten fyller hånden med vann fra døpefonten. Jenta stirrer interessert på vannet som drypper.

How to sign up for baptism

We collaborate with you to find out the best way forward for a beautiful baptism, whether this is during the Sunday worship service or it is held on another day.


About baptism

  • In baptism we are blessed by God’s love
  • Anyone can be baptised – regardless of age
  • Many children are baptised before they are one year old
  • There is no rule against adults, young people and older children being baptised
  • If you are baptised in church of Norway, you automatically become a member.
  • Baptism in another Christian church is recognised by Church of Norway, and no new baptism is needed to become a member of Church of Norway.

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Reasons to baptise

Every year more than 35 000 babies are baptised in the Church of Norway. Many children, young people and adults also choose to be baptised. There are many good reasons for that. Read some of them here.

Four good reasons to choose baptism

An opportunity to explore the faith

Read more about what the Bible says absout baptism



Baptism takes place during an ordinary service or at a special baptism
service. Baptism is a festive occasion that is steeped in tradition! Read more about the preparations for the ceremony here.

Select godparents

Pre-baptism conversation

Different ways of celebrating

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